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Feed the Beast is a collection of modpacks that are approved, to be in pack by the mod developers.

The modpack is currently in beta so they can make a more stable in the near future.

EDIT: The Feed The Beast mod pack is no longer in beta stage. However, you can still check out the FTB Beta Pack A for the beta version of Feed The Beast, or you can check out some other great mod packs released by the FTB Team or others in the community. For example, Direwolf20, Mindcrack, YogCraft, Ultimate and VoltZ are very popular and entertaining!

What Is Feed the Beast?Edit

Feed The Beast (aka FTB) is a expertly put together Mod Pack for the blocky 8-bit yet ever so addicting game we all know and love Go buy it now to support the people behind this awesome game! and is currently being improved upon by the brilliant and talented Slowpoke101 and Co. The mods in FTB introduce a mind blowing amount of options to automate and industrialize your worlds and even many, many ways to power it! And that doesn't even cover what else Slowpoke101 and Co. have got in store for Feed The Beast.

Mods from each mod pack (excluding VoltZ, VoxelModPack, and BronyModPack):

Advanced MachinesEdit

Advanced Solar PanelsEdit


Computer CraftEdit

Ender StorageEdit

Extra BiomesXLEdit



Gregtech InterGalacticalEdit


Gravity GunEdit

IndustrialCraft 2Edit

Iron ChestsEdit

Modular ForcefieldEdit

Obsidian Pressure PlatesEdit

Portal GunEdit


Redpower 2Edit

Steve's Carts 2Edit


Thermal ExpansionEdit

Twilight ForestEdit


Wireless RedstoneEdit

===VoxelMap or Rei's Minimap

Not Enough ItemsEdit


Latest activityEdit

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